Face Painting And (Not) Me

My best effort for last year's Halloween ... wish me better luck for this year's attempt!

There are some artists who can seem to turn their hand to any genre of art.  They are arty through and through from how they dress to who they know and what they produce in oh-so-many forms.  I would love to be more like that.  However, I am reminded at this Halloween time of year that I am not.  Whenever my children ask me to paint their faces for some event or other, I feel a cold sweat coming on.  I can’t stand the dragging sensation of the cheap wax make up that the supermarkets sell, but I am too ill informed (and too disorganised at this level of outfit detail) to have anything better at my disposal.

So inevitably they end up a poor man’s version of the real deal.  But they are only six and four and to them face paint is face paint so as yet I am still the mother who “can-do”.

Yet it is the expectation of others around me who know what I do for a living.  They clearly expect more.  The problem is, I have to love what I do to produce the goods.  I don’t love face painting.  I remember hearing the founder of Coffee Republic, Sahar Hashemi, talking about what you need to succeed in business.  Of course there are lots of attributes that a successful entrepreneur must be able to draw upon, but the over-riding word she hit on was passion.  I think I agree.  I also believe that resilience is absolutely key – but it is unlikely that being resilient is ever a driving factor.  Being passionate is.

Me in my everso comfy and practical dungarees, sat on the studio floor. Happy, happy, happy.

My children and family life is my inspiration and being passionate about them is the easiest thing in the world.  Representing life events and moments with them through abstract art form and colour is, for me, a joy.  The need for resilience comes when events in life conspire against you – such as the little one breaking his leg as he did last week.  But I tend to find inspiration even in that – driven by my passion for my loved ones and the desire to represent the beautiful, challenging, rewarding, amusing poignant aspects of raising a family in pictorial form doesn’t abate.

I frequently feel a pull towards trying my hand at other art forms – currently it is sculpture that am intrigued by.  In fact, that is an art form I think I could get very interested in – being good at it is a way off.

What are you passionate about? what motivates you to get up and go?  Are you arty or would like to try your hand at something creative? Do it! Do it! Do it!

I would love to hear from you in the comments.


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