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Oh my word! Have you seen the colour out there? I love the changing seasons – it is very consistent with my personality that I enjoy a change every so often. Autumn and Spring at a push are my favourite seasons but in any event, I absolutely love being outside on a crisp, sunny day, wellies on and being surrounded by natural beauty.

A carpet of copper golden Acer leaves and sublimely structured seedheads.

We recently took a trip to Yorkshire and marvelled at the exquisite scenery of the moors and surrounding forests together with views of the quintessentially English towns and villages surrounding York. The city is a wonder in itself.  But for a burst of colour any time of year I cannot espouse enough the virtues of RHS Wisley. It is an easy journey for us and the boys love going as much as Mr Thornton and I do and there is always something new to admire amongst the familiarity of the Wisley stalwarts within the Greenhouse and arboretum. Even as plants are dying off there is beauty in the structure of bare branches or the fallen, curled leaves.

A recent visit led me to have my camera permanently at the ready to capture colour, texture and form. I didn’t have a specific project in mind but these kind of images stay with me for when I plan colour palettes or compositions.

 Just a few of the plants I was snap happy with at Wisley - pure joy!

Even my six year old couldn’t resist taking a few pics of his own. So enthralled was he with the concept of verigation that he stopped at each and every plant to categorise them accordingly. Child of my heart.

The beauty of camera phones are that they are often of pretty good quality. Together with readily available apps a quick snap can be turned into a work of art (or the basis for one) after a few taps of a screen. Abstract, digital art makes for great contemporary prints to brighten any space.

So from a quick snap of a plant to these creations …

Living room

Waiting room
My advice ... snap, snap, snap at any opportunity!
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