“Explosion” Vernissage

Last Wednesday I was in the heights of Holland Park for an intimate vernissage – private view – of a selection of work of only four artists – including me.  We had the beautiful venue of St George’s church, Aubrey Walk, to display our work in. Although it was cold and windy outside, inside was glowing (yes that is the name of one of my works on display!).  The live, choral music, prosecco, mulled wine and festive nibbles helped of course but it was the art that shone as well as the warmth of the Flat Space Art team who hosted the event.

I didn't see many people taking the promotional leaflets but they obviously did as I was only left with a couple!

The art was mostly set up on easels as well as literally hanging from the rafters – really very spectacular. The work was really varied so there was something for everyone who came and lots for people to discuss, admire and debate over.

There is always lots of behind-the-scenes-work that goes into these events.  From my point of view alone, it was several hours of prepping in advance, 3 hours driving, another couple of hours set up and an hour unloading once back at my studio after the event.  The vernissage itself was only 2 hours long. So was it worth it?

A few of my Butterfly Series pieces on display

I was fortunate to be positioned at the entrance to the church and by the bar (always a guaranteed spot for people to see your work!).  The visitors for the evening were mostly happy to chat but as always some just wanted to see the artwork, gather the brochures and slip off unnoticed.  In any event it was great that they came and the evening was a delightful opening to the run up to Christmas.

That's me on the left next to Luiza (Flat Space Art) and 2 of our guests

These events are mostly about getting your name out to people who: either don’t know you; or know of you but haven’t yet seen your work up close; or know you and want to know more about you.  This was no exception and it was lovely to put faces to names and be on hand to explain about my work as well as hear what other people had to say about it.

I also met the delightful Rupert Gatfield, one of the other exhibiting artists – whose work is intricate, precise and thought provoking as well as simply beautiful. Making connections with other artists is always good and I walk away richer as a result.

A welcome visit from Edward and Victoria Harley.  Edward Harley is on the advisory board for Tate Britain among many other esteemed posts

This month, I am once again a featured artist in the latest “Invest In Art: The Big Christmas Art Guide” which will go out to lots of collectors worldwide – some of whom will hopefully make it to the next vernissage.


So, was it worth it?  Absolutely it was!

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