It’s Good To Be Back!

Did you hear that? The collective sigh of relief across the land when children of all ages left the bosom of their family to return to the classroom. Let me just say, I don’t want this post to come across as negative.  I know only too well how incredibly fortunate we have been throughout the past, tumultuous year and, above all else, I am grateful beyond words. But home-schooling was a tough gig. I have contemplated it in a past life.  It appeals to  the control freak side of my nature.  Sure, I over romanticised what it would mean for us all: the children would learn way beyond the mainstream and be frolicking in the woods – at one with nature or learning genuine life skills ad nauseum.  They would inevitably be well rounded because I would find alternative ways to satisfy their social development and there would be home cooking galore and a house full of laughter. How hard could it be right? RIGHT?

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Running my own business is great. It gives me flexibility to work around my family and other comittments. More than that, it lets me be me, most of the time. It is a luxury that a lot of people will never know and I try not to take it for granted. But … taking a break is so difficult.

Downing tools.

Hands up I’ll admit that I love my work so taking a break from it isn’t something I readily want to do. Then again I also believe in the sanctity of family time and goodness knows we get precious little of that. So downing tools is part of the deal. Responding to enquiries/sales and social media presence is harder to pass over but I try to keep it to my discretionary time (like when everyone else is sleeping or when I’m waiting for my turn in the bathroom – you know the drill).

The downside of running your own business is that there is nobody to take the reins once in a while to free you up to truly live outside your bubble even for a short while.

So here I am with my family for a short staycation. We left 2-hours later than planned and have negotiated our way through the Friday car park that is London to avoid the gridlock on the M25. We are about half way and have stopped for a toilet break (not for the first time … seriously – how many toilet breaks are normal when travelling with kids?).

The menagerie and littlest gannet.

Whilst Mr Thornton and number one son head in to the services I stay behind to help littlest son wee in a bottle – he has a broken leg so this is far from straight forward. Despite moonying a few unsuspecting passers-by we are victorious with the toileting process and he is back in his seat and I in mine before the others return. I am now being harangued for yet more food “But I’m STILL hungry mummy!” – like his latest meal was yesteryear.

I dutifully reach into the bag at my feet and produce his tub of strawberries (not to be confused with his brother’s tub of strawberries – he doesn’t like strawberries but he doesn’t like to be left out either – go figure). Littlest son guzzles them by pushing them through his teeth into his mouth like a machine. This boy is surely on a growth spurt – no? I am then treated to a face pulling ritual that  never tires.

By the time the others return with a spring in their step, we are as they left us. Except … “What’s that stain round his mouth?” My husband asks anxiously, pointing at the strawberry guzzler. Altough I quickly put him at ease (no it’s not chicken pox that’s doing the rounds AGAIN, he’s eaten HIS strawberries, not number one son’s strawberries which will remain uneaten for the duration of this interminable journey).

Then number one son declares that he and Daddy have bought me a magazine for the holiday.

On it is a picture of a well endowed brunette and the main caption at the foot says “Wonder Women”. “Did this remind you of me?” I joked. “Yes” Mr Thornton said without hesitation. Brownie point in the bag – make that two even though I am clearly no physical resemblance.

As I settle down I start to see how I can use bits from it for one of my current portrait commissions. I need to resist the urge to cut out the relevant parts before I have actually read it. Ho hum.  I attempt to distract myself by staring out of the window and find myself drawing the boys’ attention to the colours in the sunset and to watch as they change. Looking at the trees against the setting sun, we discuss what a silhouette is and I am now making a mental note to try this in a new painting. Then I just sit back quietly, trying hard to switch off. But we’re off the motorway now and the headlights on the car are spot-lighting the beautiful Autumnal leaves. Reds, yellows, golden hues, greens, browns, coppers. Warm and indulgent.

Yup, leaving work behind is tricky. You can take the artist out of the studio but you can’t take the studio out of the artist.

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Face Painting And (Not) Me

My best effort for last year's Halloween ... wish me better luck for this year's attempt!

There are some artists who can seem to turn their hand to any genre of art.  They are arty through and through from how they dress to who they know and what they produce in oh-so-many forms.  I would love to be more like that.  However, I am reminded at this Halloween time of year that I am not.  Whenever my children ask me to paint their faces for some event or other, I feel a cold sweat coming on.  I can’t stand the dragging sensation of the cheap wax make up that the supermarkets sell, but I am too ill informed (and too disorganised at this level of outfit detail) to have anything better at my disposal. Continue reading Face Painting And (Not) Me

A Day In The Life

Intense shown here in situ. 
And sometimes that is just how life is

What is a typical day for you?  Finding that hard to answer?  Me too.  The joy of working from my home studio is that I can be there for my two boys when they need me.  And sure, there is lots of routine that goes with having children.  So a typical day during a term-time week is relatively predictable at certain points.  For example the morning comprises endless cajoling the boys to: eat their breakfast; get dressed; and clean their teeth. It is all standard fare in households the world over.  As is the inevitability of me being five minutes behind schedule. Every. Single. Day.  I’m not sure why, as I make every effort to be on time. Every. Single. Day.  I just know that I am not alone in this – to anyone else struggling to get their day (and anyone else’s) underway, I salute you! Continue reading A Day In The Life

10 Things They Asked About ‘The Person Behind The Art’

Outdoor studio selfie

Not to be self absorbed but … I have been asked a lot lately why I don’t post pictures of me on my social media sites.  The answer is simple – my work is visual so I have assumed that any followers of my work want to see that and that alone.  But, having recently participated at The New Artist Fair in London’s trendy E1 Arts district I learned that people actually wanted to know a little more about the person behind the art just as much as they wanted to engage in the work itself.

Far be it from me to keep it all to myself so for those who want to know a little more about what makes me tick read on for a wee bit of an insight … Continue reading 10 Things They Asked About ‘The Person Behind The Art’